Make Movers Happy

How To Make Your Movers Happy

It may be tempting to consider your job done once you’ve decided to hire professional movers and packers. After all, you’re paying them to take care of the hassle and stress so you can go to the pool or sit on the lawn and watch them work. Trying to do their jobs for them can be even worse. Allow the pros to work if you paid them. However, there are some suggestions for finding a happy medium that will satisfy both you and your movers.

Pack carefully

Even if you hired a packing service, you should still prepare everything for them. Strip your bed linens (and wash them if you have time), remove everything from the walls, and ensure that all electronics are unplugged and wires are tucked away. If you have shelving units that can be disassembled, do so. And if there are any valuable items, food, or an essentials box, simply pack them yourself. All of this smoothes out the annoyances and allows the packers to work more efficiently.

If you’re doing your own packing, make sure the boxes (or plastic tubs) are sturdy, not overloaded, and, most importantly, well-labeled. Put labels on the top and sides of the box so they can be seen from multiple angles. Keep boxes near the rooms from which they came, and label which rooms they’re going into. Label anything that is fragile, bulky, or otherwise requires special handling, and be present on moving day to point things out. If you’ve packed the essentials, valuable items, or food, load it into your car so it’s out of the way.

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How To Prepare For A Interstate Move

How To Prepare For A Interstate Move

Everyone anticipates making a few moves in their lifetime. Getting your first apartment, then a better apartment, and maybe even buying a house at some point — these are all-natural stages of life. Moving out of state, away from places and people you’ve known for a long time is a completely different experience. There are additional logistics to consider, and the process of learning a completely new area can be stressful in and of itself. So we’re here to assist! These are our best tips for preparing for an interstate move.

Begin preparing as early as possible

Moving is a stressful experience for almost everyone: it always takes longer than you think. Allow yourself plenty of time to gradually gather all the details. There is no perfect timetable for preparing for a move out of state, but take our advice and start early. This will save you from the last-minute panic of realising you aren’t prepared and the moving truck is on its way! So, at least six weeks ahead of time:

  • Gather all of the documents you’ll need for your move in one location. Include a moving checklist, quotes from professional packers and movers, travel information, and receipts or confirmation for services scheduled.
  • Begin by researching new neighbourhoods and narrowing down the specifics of where you want to live. If you can’t find a permanent home before moving, choose a short-term rental option so you have a place to land.
  • Secure a storage unit if you’ll be staying in temporary housing. for your belongings so that the packers and movers can unload.
  • Schedule important appointments, such as dentists, doctors, and car maintenance.
  • Purchase plane tickets if you intend to fly, and decide what to do with your car if you have one!

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