How To Prepare For A Interstate Move

How To Prepare For A Interstate Move

Everyone anticipates making a few moves in their lifetime. Getting your first apartment, then a better apartment, and maybe even buying a house at some point — these are all-natural stages of life. Moving out of state, away from places and people you’ve known for a long time is a completely different experience. There are additional logistics to consider, and the process of learning a completely new area can be stressful in and of itself. So we’re here to assist! These are our best tips for preparing for an interstate move.

Begin preparing as early as possible

Moving is a stressful experience for almost everyone: it always takes longer than you think. Allow yourself plenty of time to gradually gather all the details. There is no perfect timetable for preparing for a move out of state, but take our advice and start early. This will save you from the last-minute panic of realising you aren’t prepared and the moving truck is on its way! So, at least six weeks ahead of time:

  • Gather all of the documents you’ll need for your move in one location. Include a moving checklist, quotes from professional packers and movers, travel information, and receipts or confirmation for services scheduled.
  • Begin by researching new neighbourhoods and narrowing down the specifics of where you want to live. If you can’t find a permanent home before moving, choose a short-term rental option so you have a place to land.
  • Secure a storage unit if you’ll be staying in temporary housing. for your belongings so that the packers and movers can unload.
  • Schedule important appointments, such as dentists, doctors, and car maintenance.
  • Purchase plane tickets if you intend to fly, and decide what to do with your car if you have one!

Choose your moving method

Will you hire a full-service packers and movers company to pack your belongings for you? Will you pack your own belongings and have packers and movers transport them? Or are you a do-it-yourself who will rent a moving truck and drive yourself? These choices may be influenced by your moving budget as well as your timeline. As you prepare to move out of state, get at least three quotes from different packers and movers companies to ensure you’re not getting a quote that’s far out of line with industry standards.

Pay attention to the details

It’s two weeks until your move! It’s a good time to focus on the minor details. Change your mailing address with the Post Office and your bank. Call the utility companies to arrange for the utilities to be turned off at the old location and on at the new. Inform your car insurance company, health insurance provider, cell phone provider, and anyone else who needs to know you’re moving.


And here’s a big one to help you get ready to move out of state: start decluttering and packing! It may not appear that it will take you two weeks. Even if you’re having your packers and movers do the majority of the work, you might as well get rid of anything you don’t want before they ship it to your new home.

Learn about your new state and make the necessary preparations

If you’re transitioning from a hot to a cold climate, you’ll need a good jacket! When packing your travel bag, consider what you’ll need for the trip and once you arrive. That way, you won’t have to unpack your boxes just to find something suitable for the weather.

Pack and unpack wisely

It makes no difference how well you prepare for your out-of-state move if your boxes are a disaster when they arrive! Do your future self a favour and pack like with like as much as possible when packing. Keep track of what you pack with a home inventory list or an app, and label each box with its contents. Then, in a systematic manner, unpack. Go through each room, beginning with the spaces you’ll need to use first. Avoid the urge to unpack a little bit in each room!

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