How to make movers happy

How To Make Your Movers Happy

It may be tempting to consider your job done once you’ve decided to hire professional movers and packers. After all, you’re paying them to take care of the hassle and stress so you can go to the pool or sit on the lawn and watch them work. Trying to do their jobs for them can be even worse. Allow the pros to work if you paid them. However, there are some suggestions for finding a happy medium that will satisfy both you and your movers.

Pack carefully

Even if you hired a packing service, you should still prepare everything for them. Strip your bed linens (and wash them if you have time), remove everything from the walls, and ensure that all electronics are unplugged and wires are tucked away. If you have shelving units that can be disassembled, do so. And if there are any valuable items, food, or an essentials box, simply pack them yourself. All of this smoothes out the annoyances and allows the packers to work more efficiently.

If you’re doing your own packing, make sure the boxes (or plastic tubs) are sturdy, not overloaded, and, most importantly, well-labeled. Put labels on the top and sides of the box so they can be seen from multiple angles. Keep boxes near the rooms from which they came, and label which rooms they’re going into. Label anything that is fragile, bulky, or otherwise requires special handling, and be present on moving day to point things out. If you’ve packed the essentials, valuable items, or food, load it into your car so it’s out of the way.

Take Care of the Movers

These are people doing a job that is so difficult and annoying that you’d rather pay a lot of money than do it yourself. So treat them well, and they’ll go out of their way to help you. Make sure you have some snacks and refreshments on hand, especially water, sports drinks, or caffeine-containing beverages. It’s also a good idea to eat light foods that are easy to grab but won’t weigh them down. Make sure they have access to restrooms, as well as plenty of soap, paper towels, and possibly some fans or ice cubes to keep them cool.Tipping movers is not always necessary, but it is a thoughtful gesture.

Be available, but not interfere

You could simply disappear while the packers and movers work, but having someone responsible for the house around is a good idea. You don’t want to micromanage, but you should be available to answer questions, resolve issues as they arise, or take care of other tasks, such as cleaning up after a room is empty, so they see first that you’re available if they need you and second that you’re also busy.

While it may be tempting to haul boxes, pick up a piece of furniture, or get in the truck to stack things, it is best to leave it to the professionals. You can lend a hand if they ask, and they won’t mind if you carry some special cargo yourself. No mover will be offended if you bring your own jewellery box or television. Moving things yourself, on the other hand, will only disrupt their rhythm.

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